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Just a stone’s throw from downtown the rapidly beating heart of River North, there is a place of escape for women like us. Women who work hard. Play fierce. Who deserve to be treated like any other head of state. Or potentate. 

That place is Re’Luxe Nail & Spa Boutique.

Step in and prepare to be...Greeted...with something delicious to sip, warm or icy, depending on your whim... a veritable candy store of A-List designer nail lacquers, turning Nail Art into fine art... Indulged...with services so drenched in luxury, they’ll leave you – ok, we’ll say it: a little giddy. In essence, prepare to be ...“Polished and Pampered to Perfection.”

No, Dorothy. You’re not in Kansas anymore.

Welcome to the very unique, very chic Re’Luxe. The premier Nail Salon & Spa Boutique in all Chicago.


our mission STATEMENT

Our mission is to provide our clients with superb nail and spa services in our intimate, upscale, and professional environment.