IBX Nail strengthening treatment 

We polish our nails. We pick them. We bite them. We are all guilty of treating our nails poorly at times. Luckily, the IBX Nail System is here to mend our manicure-related woes, by targeting imperfections, and strengthening nails at their core. 

IBX is the first nail treatment of its kind. It’s a professional salon service that repairs our client’s weak and damaged nails. IBX is an insurance policy that is worn under gel polish, and eliminates the wear and tear of the frequent removal of gel polish from your nails. This penetrative toughening system works inside the nail instead of sitting on top of the nail like traditional nail services. The IBX system actually fuses the layers in the upper nail plate together, and locks itself within the nail --- a permanent addition that will never need removing. IBX simply grows out with growth of your natural nails. Your nail technician will paint the IBX formula onto your natural nails like polish, then your nails are cured under an LED LIGHT— just like gel. When the process is complete, you will feel like your nails are bare. If desired, your technician will resume with your gel polishing session.

First Treatment - 22

Ongoing Treatments - 15