Jelly pedicure- 60

Experience the latest pedicure trends with Jelly Pedi. It may look like ordinary powder for baths; however Jelly Pedi takes your pedicure to a different level. 

When the jelly is added to warm water, it instantly starts to transform the consistency of the water into translucent fluffy jelly. Within minutes, what began as a tub full of water evolves into a luxurious jelly bath like watching a magic trick while invigorating the nerves and tired muscles.  Feeling the bits of jelly between the crevices of your toes and around all the muscles is a very innovative and fun way to enjoy a unique spa experience. 

Benefits of the jelly are that the dense jelly mixture massages stressed muscles and acts as a gentle exfoliate. Jelly retains water naturally, and combined with the fragrant oils in Jelly Pedi, moisturizes and softens dry, cracked skin. Aloe Vera extract in the jelly acts as a moisturizer that is gentle enough for sensitive skin. When compared to water alone, jelly holds the water temperature four times longer! 

Jelly Pedi is composed of natural plant extracts, and plant oils; when combined with warm water it produces a warm gelatinous mixture perfect for soaking. After submerging feet into the jelly, your technician will begin exfoliating the impurities away, Luxuriate in Jelly Pedi, the ultimate pedicure experience.